Saturday, February 12, 2011

High Water No More

Loyal readers may remember my post about the high level of the Seine at the end of December.  Well, the other day, I was back in the vicinity of the Pont de l'Alma where the statue of the Zouave stands, the one that is used as a gauge of the river's level, and discovered that his feet are nice and dry,

Just for comparison, here was the situation in December:

And here's the state of affairs this week:

It's still hard to imagine those terrible days in 1910 when he was up to his neck.  If you care to know more, look for Paris Under Water by Jeffrey Jackson at your local bookstore or library.  Jackson, an American historian, tells an interesting tale about the causes and consequences of the flood, and mixes in many interesting anecdotes, both heart renching and heart warming.


samovar said...

just stopped by here and liked what i saw! see you soon!

Starman said...

I read that Edmund White book.

Amy said...

Oh, goodness. Glad water is looking lower for Paris. Here in Minnesota, I just bought flood insurance in case of spring flooding.

I loved reading your thoughts on the Catherine de Medici book. That one's definitely going on my list!

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